Hi, I'm Angela!

A solo Artist & Entrepreneur behind the scenes of EVER AFTER. I'm based in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Please do not hesitate to ask for quotation or custom designed piece, will do my best to suit your needs within your budget! If you'd like to have bojagi wrapped box with your own gift for your special occasion like valentine's day, mothers day, birthday or even a Christmas gift, I can help you with it too!

Please generously understand if it gets delayed to reply your request, I'm trying to read messages and reply as quick as I can. :)

Apart from pre-made pieces, products are produced immediately according to the customer's request, so in addition to the production time, it is necessary to have a little more time (Our estimated turnaround time will be approx 8-10 days). You will be able to receive the work that has been carefully worked out with quality.



Unfortunately, we won't have any open workshop available at the moment

Planning to open Bojagi art workshop & dried flower arrangement workshop later in 2021.

Workshop can be arranged through special request - please ask Angela :)