Gift packaging is taken for granted in our lives and is often discarded. Before the introduction of single-use products, it was common practice to reuse gift wrap and packaging. As we get used to disposable packaging, the concept of sustainable packaging is often forgotten. By considering environmental pollution and loss of natural resources, we should work towards sustaining the environment whilst looking for ways to present gifts in a beautiful manner.

BOJAGI, is an environmentally friendly, simple, yet elegant way of life, proposed by EVER AFTER

BOJAGI, is a traditional Korean wrapping. This was historically used to swaddle just about anything in everyday life. From holding babies on their mothers’ backs to sending gifts at a wedding ceremony. Its’ modern iteration is a greener solution for gift wrapping.
It can be used not only in packaging but also in various ways for everyday life. Bojagi can be used as tablecloths, scarves, and as a fashion accessory.

By presenting gifts in a reusable format will initiate an opportunity to talk about the environment with the recipient. It will also contribute to being a memorable gift. As long as adequate washing and recycling steps are carried out, this sustainable way of gift packaging will help save the environment.

Instructions for reusing BOJAGI:
Wash separately with a neutral detergent in cold or lukewarm water.
The fabric may cry if it is legged with excessive heat.
Ironing instructions: iron with a piece of cloth on top on low heat.